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RAMP stands for Responsible Alcohol Management Program. In Pennsylvania, most alcohol-related businesses - bars, restaurants, and the like - require their staff to be RAMP-certified.

This website and online training program were not created by the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board (PLCB), however, this course has the approval of the PLCB as a valid curriculum for the RAMP, server/seller training and is provided by Rserving.

In Pennsylvania, RAMP server / seller training is mandatory for:
  • All staff serving alcohol at an off-premises catering event.
  • All cashiers selling wine at an establishment with a wine expanded permit.
  • All new alcohol service personnel hired on or after 8-8-16 who are not RAMP-trained must be so within six months of being hired and be re-trained before their current training expires.
  • All new alcohol service personnel hired on or after 8-8-16 who are already RAMP-trained must be re-trained before their current training expires.
  • All employees hired before 8-8-16 who are not RAMP-trained, but transfer into an alcohol service position on or after 8-8-16 and need to obtain RAMP training within six months of assuming their new duties. 

This online Server / Seller Training is also one of five components that must be completed in order for an establishment to become RAMP certified. If you'd like to be a bartender, alcohol server, waiter or waitress in Pennsylvania, you've come to the right place!

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